Moving During Winter? Consider This:

It’s winter and you’ve used transferred your savvy holiday shopping skills from sweaters to suburban neighborhoods.  With your eyes on the prize, you and your sturdy snow boots canvas the area in search of that perfect dwelling.  Knowing that there is less competition during cold weather months, you wereable to find a match and make an offer that the seller just couldn’t refuse.   In a matter of weeks you’ve closed on your dream home (lenders are slower during winter months, so your process went oh so smoothly), boxed up your belongings and submitted your “Change of Address” form to the post office. 

Your final step?  The dreaded move.  Most of us have shuttled a box or two during sweltering summer months, but winter transfers are a lot less popular.  And while one might assume that moving is a pain regardless of the season, a winter move comes with its own special set of hassles. 

Here are some tips to consider:

1.     Make sure that your heat is turned on, and the rest of your utilities too for that matter.  Go by your new home and make sure that your utilities were turned on; don’t just assume.  Things happen.  Orders get dropped.  Yours could be one of them.  

2.     Shovel your sidewalks if they’re covered in snow or sprinkle salt on walkways if they’re bare.  If it does snow or ice,  you’ll be ready.

3.     Use large pieces of cardboard as stepping stones for your movers so that they don’t track mud or snow onto your freshly cleaned carpet.  It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to have some hot beverages on hand either.  Coffee, tea, cider and hot chocolate will turn cold, grouchy movers into slightly less cold, grouchy movers.

4.     Check your moving company’s inclement weather policy to see what the cancellation procedure is in the event of bad weather. 


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