What Does a Title Company Do?

Real estate agents, contractors, lenders and insurance agents all work together to ensure that everything goes smoothly. However, one behind-the-scenes character that plays a vital role in the success of your home-buying experience is your title and settlement company and chances are you may not understand just how big a role they play until the time comes to employ their services.

In a nutshell, title companies, such as Performance Title and Settlement, are expertly trained real estate professionals whose job is to review the title, issue the appropriate insurance policies, orchestrate the closing and to ensure that all paperwork has been correctly recorded and filed. Your title and settlement company works closely with all of the aforementioned players--the buyer, the seller, the realtor and the lender—to ensure that the transaction is handled efficiently and legally.

Choosing a title and settlement company that you trust is paramount in facilitating a smooth, successful real estate transaction, which is why it is so important to choose a company with a strong reputation for success, ethics and customer satisfaction. The staff at Performance Title and Settlement in Roanoke, Virginia takes pride in offering customers a positive, customized experience. We place heavy emphasis on attention to detail and open communication, which is reflected in our high satisfaction rate.

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