Forming Relationships When Buying a Roanoke Home

And while advancements in communication truly help bring us closer than ever, when it comes to purchasing a home there really is no substitute for a strong relationship with an industry professional.

There’s nothing wrong with researching available homes, real estate agents or mortgage lenders online prior to making your decision to move forward. Testimonials and reviews offer a wealth of insight and may help you narrow the playing field so that you may choose the neighborhood, agent or brokerage that you like best. But as intuitive as software has become, speaking with a live person will ultimately yield the best results.

It’s tempting to try to do as much business as possible via internet. We’re busy. We work long hours and have demands waiting for us the moment we clock out. Having the ability to deposit a check via smartphone or peruse listings via is convenient…and we are a society built upon just that. But there’s something warm and welcoming about walking into a bank and having the tellers greet you by name. You feel as if you’re a part of a community and that the professionals behind the counter have your best interest at heart.

Buying a home is such a deeply personal event that it seems impossible to go through the process without having a strong relationship with your agent or title company. Your agent knows the type of neighborhood that you’re looking for, which school districts you’re interested in, where the closest yoga studio is and whether or not they specialize in Bikrim or Vinyasa.

As a longtime resident and business owner in the Roanoke area, Jeannie Moore, owner of Performance Title and Settlement, has come to form strong relationships with area real estate agents, lenders and buyers and sellers who have come to call Roanoke home. It’s not uncommon for her to recommend the best dog groomer or that quaint little café that serves the best homemade croissants. She and her staff become a resource, providing valuable information long after the contracts have been signed.

If you’re shopping for a new home and are confused as to where you should begin, contact Jeannie Moore and her team at Performance Title and Settlement. She’ll be able to recommend the best agent and lender to suit your needs.

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